CBSE Inter-School Games and Sports Competitions

CBSE Inter-School Games and Sports Competitions

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India has recognised the CBSE as the “National Sports Promotional Organisation (NSPO)” for the promotion of School Games.

The Board is of strong opinion that participation in sports and games is associated with a range of physical and mental health benefits. Active children become healthy adults and schools play a key role in contributing to that outcome. Further, today sport is a compulsory and valued part of the school’s curriculum and school sport provides a vehicle for learning a number of skills – physical, emotional and moral – and is an important expression of our culture. In school sport the prime concern is to give all students the opportunity for participation, enjoyment and skills development. Through sports students are encouraged to participate in a way that suits their interests and abilities so as to develop a variety of skills that will equip them for lifelong participation in regular sport. 

Keeping in view the above ethos of Sports & Games; each year the CBSE Inter School Sports & Games Competitions are organised in many disciplines for nearly 9000 Independent Category of Schools affiliated to the Board.

It is pleasure to inform that this year, on a pilot basis, Aerobics; Rope Skipping and Yoga have been added for competitions. Being first year, the competition in these three disciplines will be directly organised at National level. You will soon find the circular on the Board’s web site stating the rules of these three disciplines and the venue for competition.

To further encourage Sports & Games among the schools; the Board is pleased to announce introduction of the following one time yearly Cash Awards for the Schools. The criteria for selection of school for the awards will soon be displayed on the Board’s website. The awards will be given for overall performance in all the disciplines.

  • First Prize: Rs Five Lac 
  • Second Prize: Rs Three Lac 
  • Third Prize: Rs One Lac

To ensure that the CBSE Inter School Sports & Games Competitions are “Dope Free”, the Board has also decided to introduce “Doping Test” in association with the “National Anti Doping Agency (NADA)” from the session 2012 -13.
All the schools are hereby advised to download the CBSE Inter School Sports & Games Competitions Calendar; Organisational Rules; General & Specific Rules from the Board’s web site

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  1. pls. may anybody tell me, what is the programme of cbse inter school competiton dates.


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