IGNOU-UNESCO Science Olympiad for cbse


1. The test for Science Olympiad will be conducted on 2-Tier basis. 

  • 2. First Tier test: 
  • The First Tier test shall be taken by all participants in the respective centres chosen by them. 
  • This First Tier test is an objective test for 3 hrs with equal weight for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in terms of test time and marks. 
  • It is made up of multiple choice questions with varying degree of simplicity/ hardness. The test will focus on the general but deep understanding of subject materials and comprehension. 
  • The test items will be thought provoking. There will be negative marking for wrong choices. Answers are to be marked on OMR sheets for ready reckoning of marks.

 Second Tier Test:

  •  From among the participants the top (about 30 to 40 meritorious students from all SAARC countries) will take the second Tier test by being invited to Delhi.
  •  It will test the participant’s higher level of understanding and problem solving capability. Each question may take 5-10 minutes again with equal weight for M,P,C,B. 
  • Also there will be a question on broader understanding of science and society, which is restricted to 10-15 minutes. The total duration for this test will be 3 hrs This test will be held in IGNOU, New Delhi.

 Medium of Test : The medium of objective and written test will be English. 

Prizes & Awards Top performing 1000 participants in the first tier test from all SAARC      Prizes & Awards 

Top performing 1000 participants in the first tier test from all SAARC countries will receive Merit Certificates certified by both IGNOU and UNESCO citing the percentile of performance, an indication of their standing and potential in science.

 About 30 to 40 most meritorious participants from all SAARC countries will receive medals and cash prize (quantum to be estimated soon) in an award ceremony in IGNOU, New Delhi. They will be provided full local hospitality and travel expenses.

The 5 most meritorious performers from Tier II test in Delhi will receive additional awards in cash or kind. 

They will again receive these awards in the same award ceremony.

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