CBSE Per Week of Teaching Time

Subject Suggestive Periods
Language I 7
Language II 7
Elective I 8
Elective II or Vocational Course 8
Elective III 8
General Studies/General Foundation Course (GFC) 3
Work Experience (Not applicable to Vocational Stream) 2+2*
Physical & Health Education 2
* Time expected to spend outside school hours
While designing the courses it has been presumed that, given margin to vacations, public holidays and other contingencies, a minimum of 30 weeks of teaching time will be available in each session for actual instructional transaction. Accordingly, the distribution of periods over units and sub-units has been made which is only suggestive in character. The schools, keeping the overall number of periods in each subject area the same may assign more or less number of periods to individual units according to their relative importance if throughout necessary. The distribution of marks over each unit (unitwise weightage) is prescritive, hence shall remain unchanged. 
Notes: 1. Schools are expected to give adequate time for Community Service outside the school hours, the minimum being equivalent of two periods a week.
2. The Vocational Group candidates should make use of the time allotted for Work Experience for on the job training, if so required.

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  1. For primary class. grade 6 to 8. how many periods will be there for maths


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