CBSE Class 11 Exam and Passing Criteria

Guidelines as laid by Central Board of Secondary Education:
  • Class 11 examination shall be conducted by the schools themselves. Schools affiliated to the Board upto Secondary level shall also conduct the Class IX examination themselves. However, in respect of schools affiliated to the Board upto Senior Secondary level, the schools shall be provided question paper banks and marking schemes by the Board but the examination shall be conducted by the schools themselves.

  • The examination would be conducted in theory as well as in practicals, depending upon the nature of the subject(s) and the marks/grades allotted shall be as prescribed in the curriculum.

  • Number of papers, duration of examination and marks for each subject/paper will be as specified in the curriculum for the year.

  • In order to be declared as having passed the Class XI Examination a candidate shall obtain 33% marks in all the subjects. The pass marks in each subject of examination shall be 33%. In case of subject involving practical work a candidate must obtain 33% marks in theory and 33% in practical separately in addition to 33% marks in aggregate in order to qualify in that subject.


  1. what if i get 30%

  2. oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what a big relief i got more than 45% ineach sbjet but i was really worried about a retest.

  3. hey if sm1 fails in 2 he/she hv retests????plz hlp

  4. damn I failed in Maths!!!


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