Scholarship For Higher Education In India 2013 Girls & Boys

Scholarship For Higher Education In India 2013 Girls & Boys

India being a developing economy where many families are poor,Scholarship for higher

education and study abroad becomes vital for many of the indian students. So many of the

 private, foreign and government organisations are providing this help for students  both girls 

and boys for fulfilling their dreams of higher studies  like engineering, law etc

Also as the fees for all the courses are going up, only brilliance cannot get a student whether an engineering student  or  any other to fulfil his ambition.

Scholarships are available in higher studies at different levels like Scholarship Exams for Class 8, Class 10th & Class 12th, post graduate levels, doctorate levels and for various other career options as well. Scholarships have certain criteria of eligibility and some have certain types of exams fulfilling which, one can avail the scholarship.

As 2013 is approaching there is need for aspiring students to understand on how to get scholarships in India before the opportunity comes and go.

Tips and steps to get Indian scholarships

  • 1.    Do prepare yourself well before getting into any course about the scholarship available.
  • 2.    Try participating in extra curricular activities  as it adds chances for getting a scholarship.
  • 3.    Prepare all necessary required documents like income certificate, address proof and others before applying.
  • 4.    Try to figure out on what exactly you will get with the scholarship as some pay all expenditure while some only boarding and other charges.
  • 5.    Keep updated yourself about all the scholarships that are available for you to apply.
  • 6.    Do not depend only on your merit or scholarship test score as many other factors such as presentation of your application format, cultural and sports activities and various other skills also do matter.

Some of the Scholarships available in India are mentioned below:

Indian Oil Corporation Limited Scholarships
Civil Aviation Scholarships of the Govt. of India
Sports Authority of India Scholarships
UGC Part Time Research Associateship for Women
Jamia Millia Islamia JBT Scholarship
Aligarh Muslim University Scholarship
Nehru Centenary British Fellowships/ Awards from External Scholarship division, MHRD
Animation Scholarships

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