Scholarship After 12th Class CBSE in India 2013

Need for Scholarship for students is going higher and higher with courses getting costlier and costlier every coming session. After 12th  class  most of the students in India of various boards whether it is CBSE, UP or any other try to find out how to get scholarships?  so that they get some financial aid for the high paid courses available.
CBSE students wondering to get scholarships in 2013 need to know on how they can make it to avail the scholarships available in 2013.
A student can get scholarship after class 12th by getting into merit with high percentage, performing well in entrance test of various courses or having performed well in sports, cultural and other extra curricular activities .
There are various scholarships offered by CBSE, government and other private organisations after 12th for professional education if the students meets the eligibility criteria provided.
Students also must know of what documents needs to be provided, what is the amount of scholarship available during the full course, duration of scholarship, no. of scholarships available and period of renewal and other things before applying to a scholarship programme available.
Here are some of the scholarships available by CBSE and other institutions after class 12th :
  1.   CBSE Merit Scholarship Scheme for Under Graduate Studies for Single Girl Children
  2.    CBSE Merit Scholarship Scheme for Professional Studies

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