Scheme of Senior School Certificate Examination

(i) The Board shall conduct examination in all subjects except General Studies, Work Experience, Physical and Health Education, which will be assessed internally by the schools. 
(ii) In all subjects examined by the Board, a student will be given one paper each carrying 100 marks for 3 hours. However, in subjects requiring practical examination, there will be a theory paper and practical examinations as required in the syllabi and courses. 
(iii) In Work Experience, General Studies and Physical and Health Education, the Schools will maintain cumulative records of student's periodical achievements and progress during the year. These records are subject to the scrutiny of the Board as and when deemed fit.
(iv) A candidate from a recognised school who has some physical deformity or is otherwise unable to take part in Work Experience and Physical and Health Education, may be granted exemption by the Chairman on the recommendation of the Head of the institution,supported by the medical certificate from a Medical Officer of the rank not below an Assistant Surgeon.
(v) Private/Patrachar Vidyalaya and candidates sponsored by Adult School shall be exempted from Work Experience, General Studies and Physical and Health Education.
(vi) A candidate may offer an additional subject which can be either a language at elective level or another elective subject as prescribed in the Scheme of Studies, subject to the conditions laid down in the Pass Criteria.

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