Kendriya Vidyalaya AAI Rangpuri New Delhi

About Kendriya Vidyalaya, A.A.I, Rangpuri, New Delhi:

Kendriya Vidyalaya Rangpuri is a project Kendriya Vidyalaya in the family of Kendriya  Vidyalaya Sangathan, is growing fast while keeping in mind the aims and objectives of KVS.
the Vidyalaya strongly believe that nurturing young minds to perfect self development and making their existence meaning to society and nation is a real challenge, which has always inculcated in me a fine spirit to endeavor tirelessly to meet the mission of achievement of above goal. The staffs are endeavor is to make the Vidyalaya, a dynamic institution where learning for the teacher and the taught is a continuous process. The students of Kendriya Vidyalaya are striving hard in every field & we work that all their efforts will be crowned with success.

Here are some information:
(i) Date of opening of KV - 26th July 1993
(ii) Highest Class XII
Number of Sections Sanctioned for each Class -2 sections each in classes I to X and 1 each in classes XI and XII(Science and Commerce)
(iii) Sector - Project
(iv) District - South Delhi
(v) State/ U.T - Dehi

Admission in Kendriya Vidyalaya, A.A.I, Rangpuri, New Delhi:

Eligible Age for Admission:

child must be 5 years old on 31st March in the academic year in which admission is being sought for admission to class I and for admission to class II the age must be 6 years. For class III age must be 7 years and for class IV age must be 8 years as on 31st March, 2011.  For remaining classes, the eligible age will be calculated as on 30th September of the Academic year.
An upper age limit for admission is fixed as the minimum age limit plus two years. No child would be eligible for admission in a class, if the age is more than the maximum age prescribed. The maximum age would be further relaxed by two years for handicapped children only. 
Here is the minimum and maximum age for admission in Kendriya Vidyalaya in various classes are given below:


MINIMUM AGE ON 31ST MARCH OF YEAR  IN WHICH ADMISSION  IS SOUGHT                                                               MAXIMUM AGE ON 31st
5 years
7 years
6 years
8 years
7 years
9 years
8 years
10 years
9 years
11 years
10 years
12 years
11 years
13 years
12 years
14 years
13 years
15 years
14 years
16 years

Method Of Admission:
In class I:
All applications received, shall be scrutinized and separated in following bunches:-
     i)   All general category candidates including disabled of the same category.
     ii)  All SC candidates including disabled.
     iii) All ST candidates including disabled.
   iv) All other candidates belonging to other disadvantaged group like economically weaker sections socially weaker sections including disabled.
Admission to 25% of seats
(a) All applications of (ii) above shall be taken for draw of lots and 6 candidates (15%) will be selected by draw of lots.
(b) All applications of (iii) above shall be taken for draw of lots and 3 candidates (7.5%) will be selected by draw of lots.
(c) For remaining 1 seat all applications of (iv) above as well as disabled children belonging to all categories will be taken for draw of lots.  Unsuccessful disabled children belonging to SC/ST  category will be included in this draw of lots.
Remaining 75% seats shall be filled up by KV's own system of admission based on priority.

Kendriya Vidyalaya, A.A.I, Rangpuri, New Delhi Result Analysis:
The school producing very good results every year. The School is striving hard to make the students a better persons in the society and also to make the school a better school in the society.

                                              Contact Details:
                                                     Kendriya Vidyalaya,
                                                     A.A.I. Rangpuri,
                                                     New Delhi - 110037
                                                     Phone No: (011) 2612 3476
                                                     Fax: (011) 2612 3476

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