Introduction of Open Book Analytical Examinations for CBSE Students

The Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) is likely to issue a formal notification to affiliated schools regarding introduction of ‘open book’ analytical examinations for Class 10 and 12 students in December.

The proposed change, aimed at enhancing the quality of
education, is likely to come into effect for the 2014 board exams. The pattern would be applicable for all subjects in Class 10 and for selected subjects for Class 12.

However, students will not be allowed books inside the examination hall. It would be a modified version called ‘Pre Announced Test’ (PAT), where students will be taught the concepts four months prior to the examination.

The test will include questions that will need students’ analytical and applicatory skills and will be a combination of both PAT and the existing pattern.

School principals have welcomed the move. “Students will need to understand what they learn and not simply memorise,” said Sunita George, vice principal, Ramniranjan Podar school, Santacruz.

Teachers will have to frame questions that test the students’ analytical ability. “Special training sessions will be organised before the implementation of the PAT pattern,” said Sadna Parashar, director of training, CBSE.

The new pattern may enable students to score better, but they have to face complex questions. “There would be no problem during students’ junior college admissions, as all boards are adopting new methods to assess them.

The PAT pattern is a practical assessment and not an easy way out,” said Joshi.

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