Bridges between CBSE Vocational and Academic Streams

Bridges between Commerce-based vocational courses/packages and the subjects pertaining to different disciplines under the Academic Stream have also been provided. Accordingly, Business Studies, Accountancy and other subjects can be combined, subject to meeting the obligations required under the prescribed scheme of studies, with the following areas from the commerce based Vocational Courses:
1. Typewriting in English (code no. 607)
2. Stenography in English (code no. 608)
3. Typewriting in Hindi (code no. 609)
4. Stenography in Hindi (code no. 610)
5. Marketing (code no. 613)
6. Consumer Behaviour and Protection (code no. 615)
7. Storekeeping (code no. 617)
8. Store Accounting (code no. 618)

These electives can be offered along with Business Studies, Accountancy and other subject
to the following stipulations:
(i) Not more than two electives from the above list be offered.
(ii) These papers be not combined with the electives related to similar disciplines under the academic stream in order to avoid duplication e.g. Store Accounting (code no. 618) can not be combined with Accountancy (code no. 055)
(iii) If Stenography in Hindi or English is offered, it is obligatory to offer Hindi Typewriting or English Typewriting respectively as the case may be to make the combinations more meaningful. English Stenography, however, cannot be combined with Hindi Typewriting or corollarily Hindi Stenography with English Typewriting.

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