Admission to Examinations - Regular Candidates

All India/Delhi Senior School Certificate Examination will be open to such regular candidates who have submitted their duly completed application for admission to the concerned examination, and/or his name in the manner prescribed by the Board, along with the prescribed fee forwarded to the Controller of Examinations by the Head of the Institution/School with the following duly certified by such head:-

(i) that he possesses the academic qualifications as laid down in Examination Bye-Laws;
(ii) that he has not passed equivalent or higher examination from this Board or equivalant or higher examination of any other Board or University; 
(iii) that he is on the active rolls of the School;
(iv) that he has completed a “regular Course of study” as defined and detailed in Examination Bye-Laws in a school in the subjects in which he would appear in the Examination;
(v) that he bears a good moral character and is of good conduct; and
(vi) that he satisfies all other provisions applicable to him/her, of the Examination Bye-Laws and any other provision made by the Board by governing admission to the examination concerned, if any.

(i) It is mandatory upon a school affiliated to the Board to follow the Examination Bye Laws of the Board in toto.
(ii) No affiliated school shall endeavor to present the candidates who are not on its roll nor will it present the candidates of its unaffiliated branch/schools to any of the Board’s Examinations.
(iii) If the Board has reasons to believe that an affiliated school is not following the sub-section (i) and (ii) of this section, the Board will resort to penalties as deemed fit.

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